Amanuel Teferi

Amanuel Teferi is an anti carceral educator & organizer doing research on criminalization & incarceration in the Americas. Organizing around alternative modes of community accountability that interrupt the criminalization process while thinking about what safety means outside of punitive state mechanisms. Takes form most notably in campaigns to free survivors of violence, elders and those suffering from addiction & houselessness. Also organize very intentionally around re-entry which means contributing to more multidimensional approaches to future re-entry for incarcerated people(s) using a variety of tactics! 

Abstract: Dionne Brand’s seminal text is one that offers such a rich poetics for thinking history, culture & belonging, to name a few. It also can serve as a very useful text for thinking about the ways captivity has engulfed the social experiences of many under modernity. Thinking alongside the survivalist guerilla philosophies of incarcerated people(s) around the world, in tandem with the way Brand contextualizes belonging, nation, and the violent apparatuses of worldmaking can serve as a useful aide for the future for those committed to freedom dreams beyond the horizon!