Danielle A.D. Howard

Danielle A.D. Howard is assistant professor in the Department of Theatre. She recently taught within the University of California-Los Angeles’ School of Theater, Film and Television before coming to York University. Howard holds a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from UCLA and writes at the intersections of race, gender, performance, visual and sonic culture. She is currently working on a manuscript titled Making Moves: Race, Basketball, and Embodied Resistance that spans the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The project foregrounds Black basketball players’ virtuosic and improvisational movements as oriented towards a kinetic knowledge of freedom and akin to contemporaneous jazz aesthetics. An article excerpted from this work, “Dribbling Against the Law: The Performance of Basketball, Race, and Resistance” will appear in a forthcoming collection of essays titled Sports Plays. Other recent research includes the speculative lives of nineteenth and twentieth century Black performers. Her article “The (Afro) Future of Henry Box Brown: His-story of Escape(s) through Time and Space” won the 2020 TDR (The Drama Review) Graduate Student Essay Contest Award and will appear in their September 2021 issue.