Sandra Brewster
Photo Credit: Jalani Morgan

Sandra Brewster is a Canadian visual artist based in Toronto whose work has been exhibited nationally and abroad. Through her community-based practice, she engages with themes including identity, representation, and memory, centering a Black presence located in Canada. The daughter of Guyanese-born parents, she is especially attuned to the experiences of people of Caribbean heritage and their ongoing relationships with back home. Brewster’s meditations on being and place are expressed within her drawings, video, and photo-based mixed media works that range from 2-dimensional pieces to installations that incorporate the architecture of spaces.

Her works are currently on view as part of Afro-Atlantic Histories, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (through January 17, 2022), Breaking The Frame, curated by Phillip Prodger, Royal Ontario Museum (through January 16, 2022) and Fragments of Epic Memory, curated by Julie Crooks, Art Gallery of Ontario (through February 21, 2022) and Blur, an installation in the atrium of Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Upcoming exhibitions include: Blur, Hartnett Gallery, University of Rochester, NY, USA (2022); and, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada (2022).